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Doctor of  Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Fellow of the American Board of Animal Acupuncture
Equestrian & Animal Lover

Keely’s career began when she became a Nationally Certified Therapeutic Bodyworker (NCBTMB) at the age of 20. Now, with over 16 years of experience and a Doctorate, Keely has received over 8,000 hours of education along with thousands of hours of research and personal experience to create the highest-level services possible and to provide all her patients with quality, result-driven treatments.

Keely has been around animals, specifically horses, her entire life. When she was 11 years old, she was introduced to Pony Club and the world of 3-day eventing. With dressage work being the foundation of it all, having a relaxed horse that can carry itself is extremely important. Keely was a working student and didn’t always get placed on the best horse in the barn.  She would frequently ride the ones who needed the most work; the stiff ones with the cold back who were cranky and would buck. It didn’t take long to realize how important it was to treat horses like the athletes that they are. They need to be stretched and strengthened just the same.


Keely learned how to watch the horses and assess weaknesses in their bodies and what exercises to apply to strengthen the areas. She learned how to feel when a horse is tight and how to get the best release. For a chunk of her teen years, she would trade lessons and ride time for bodywork on the horses.

Although she has worked on horses in some capacity since her early teens, she decided to make her work with horses official and started adding equine courses to her continuing education. Like people, Keely specialized in pain management for horses, utilizing techniques like myofascial release. 

Keely knew in high school that she wanted to be an acupuncturist. A project she did her senior year, 2004, she stated explicitly that she wanted to be an equine acupuncturist. She was reminded of this dream in 2014 and decided to make it a reality. After completing her Doctorate in 2023, she immediately rolled into Animal Acupuncture training with a focus in Equine Acupuncture.  

For her animal acupuncture education, Keely trained directly under Dr. Gene Bruno and Jay Clements along with several other remarkable teachers in Phoenix AZ and was Nationally Board Certified Animal Acupuncturist with the ABAA in 2024.



Keely is dedicated to helping achieve peak performance by working in cooperation with your team of vets, farriers, saddle fitters, and coaches. While her focus is acupuncture and the myofascial system, she tries to get a comprehensive picture of the horse through observation and consultation with you as the owner/rider

In a session, Keely will often watch and evaluate your horse on the ground and, at times, under saddle. By the end of the session, Keely will recommend homework like stretches, exercises, and dressage training to continue your horse’s improvement.




Lexington Healing Arts Academy

Therapeutic Massage Program, Lexington KY​, 2007​​

Savannah Zen Center

Reiki I/II/Master/Teacher Training, Savannah, GA, 2015 - 2016

Pacific College of Health & Science

Doctorate of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, San Diego, CA, 2023​

Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture

Animal Acupuncture Certification, Phoenix, AZ, 2024


Pony Club, H-A, 1998-2004

​National Certification of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, 2007

 Medical Massage & Trigger Point Therapy, 2010

Advanced Trigger Point Therapy, 2010

Advanced Aromatherapy, 2011

Myofascial Release, 2012

Qi Gong & Food Healing, 2014 and 2016

Muscle Energy Technique,  2016

Equine Sports Massage, 2017

 Advanced Cupping Techniques, 2019

Treating Neuromuscular Facial Conditions,  2022

Animal Acupuncture, 2024


CA LAc #- 19538 ​                   NCBTMB #- 545123-07

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